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Ice Hair

There is an odd phenomenon that occurs only in the Northwestern potions of North America and Europe; it's called ice hair.  Ice hair is ice that forms in and on rotten pieces of wood and looks likes tiny silk hairs.  The ice forms when rotten pieces of wood become fully saturated with water and then freeze.  As water freezes it expands out through the pores in the wood, making thin "hairs" of ice.  There are some instances where some fungi inside the wood produce carbon dioxide and water as a by-product; this also helps to push out the ice through the pores in the wood.  This phenomenon was initially spotted in Germany and Sweden, and the in the mountains of northwestern portions of Europe.  More recently ice hairs have been spotted in the pacific northwest of North America.  There are also similar ice formations on plants called ice flowers and ice ribbons.  So the next time you venture to the Pacific Northwest, take a look down and see if you can find some ice hairs.

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