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Pro-Anorexia Websites A Dangerous Trend For Teens

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47 ABC - A dangerous online community is teaching anyone who logs on, how to become anorexic. Simply type the word "ProAna" into Google and you'll find thousands of websites dedicated to teaching you how to become anorexic! These pro-anorexia sites share one disturbing message, "stay strong" and don't give up on the journey to be perfectly thin.

Eating disorder specialist Melinda Brett says, "What they're promoting is very physically dangerous activities. Its kind of telling them "don't listen to what other people are telling you about how negative this is, this is really a good thing."

Pictures depicting extremely thin women, with phrases like "I'm not hungry" and "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" are dubbed as "thinspiration."

Brett says that these websites give teens the sense of community they may be lacking in their lives. "All of a sudden they're not going out with their friends, but they're glued to the computer because that's where they can talk to people who 'get it,'" Brett says.

These websites offer users harmful tips to tricks to get skinny. Some even include "challenges" that limit you to just 500 calories a day. It's an attitude that Brett says has dramatically changed over the years. 

"I hate to say it but they've almost become something that people are proud to have. Before it was a very shameful disease. There has become this huge glamour around it," she explains.

According to the National association of anorexia nervosa and associated disorders, anorexia has the highest death rate of any mental disorder, and up to 24 million men and women suffer from the disease in America. Melinda Brett says, if you believe your child is using these sites, remain calm and do not yell at them. Find them help through a doctor, dietician or psychiatrist.

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