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Does Earth Have A Cousin?

Earth may not be alone as the only habitable planet in space. Scientists have discovered a planet that is about the size of earth, and within a distance from its parent star that would support conditions for life.

The planet is named Kepler -186f and resides about 490 light years from Earth. The planet is slightly larger than Earth and has a sun that is dimmer than ours. It orbits its sun from a distance of 32.5 million miles while Earth orbits our sun at about 93 million miles. Because the planet is closer to the dimmer sun and larger than Earth, scientists believe that water can be supported on the planet. Due to the similarities between the two planets and different parent stars, Kepler-186f is referred to as the cousin of Earth.

Researchers believe that the planet features a rocky surface, though they are not confident about the makeup of the atmosphere. Due to the size of the planet, it is believed that the atmosphere is not made up of hydrogen or helium. This make up would resemble that of the uninhabitable gas giants in our solar system.

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