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Rings In The Sky

Have you ever looked up at the sky and spotted a ring around the sun or the moon? These rings you see are actually referred to as halos. As it turns out, angels aren't the only ones wearing halos around!

Halos typically occur when cirrus clouds are present, which are made up of ice crystals. There's a bit of science and math behind the reason for halos around the sun and the moon, but put simply, light passes through the ice crystals and both refracts and reflects. When the light refracts, the light will bend at a 22° angle as opposed to going straight through the ice crystal. This causes a ring around the sun or moon.

These halos are also a good indicator of what kind of weather is ahead. While not fool proof, a halo around the sun usually indicates that rainy or not so pleasant weather is in the near future. Typically, ahead of a cold or warm front, cirrus clouds are present. While this is a good rule of thumb, cirrus clouds may be present without the association of a front.

So next time you see a ring around the sun or moon, you will know why it's happening and you will know to keep the umbrella handy within the next couple of days!

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