DelDOT: 2014 Pothole Situation Worse Than 2010


DOVER, Del. - An update to this winter's nuisance: potholes continue to cause problems for many drivers.
DelDOT says they currently have about a third of their $6 million budget left to patch up the problems. DelDOT spokesman Jim Westhoff tells WMDT they expect to use the rest of the money this year and will need to use some from the Capital Budget if the remaining funds run out.

"The pothole situation is worse than in 2010 when we had that major blizzard," said Westhoff. "The reason is because for months now, the temperature has been going back and forth from freezing to thawing, freezing to thawing sometimes twice in a day."

Delaware crews have already filled about 4,400 potholes this season.

So if you see a pothole, officials in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia ask for you to report it.

You can fill out a form through DelDOT's web site or by calling DelDot's public relations office or contact the traffic management center to notify them about the problem.

The public relation's office number is 302-760-2080. The Traffic Management Center's number is 302-659-4600.

The Maryland State Highway Administration can be reached at 410-582-5650.

The Virginia Department of Transportation can be reached at 1-800-367-7623.

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