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Pregnancy Apps - How Much Should You Rely On Them?

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WMDT 47 NEWS - In this technological age, many turn to the internet and our gadgets to answer the many questions we have...especially when it comes to our health.

And if you're a pregnant woman, you probably already know there are dozens of apps out there chock full of info about your growing baby. If you know your due date, or the first day of your last menstrual period, that's all you need to start exploring the ins and outs of your growing digital womb.

"I have like 4," admits local mom, Ashton Donoway, "and I go in like each day and compare what they have to say. "It's neat to be reassured if you're sick or tired or irritable or if you cried for no reason. It's nice to just see something, regardless of how valid it is."

Pregnant mom, Michelle Trimper agrees, "I think that when I have questions, instead of picking up the phone and calling your doctor right away, I probably do turn to different web sites just to see what other moms are saying."

Although it may be fun to compare your growing baby to something tangible, like a piece of fruit or vegetable, health experts warn you should not rely too heavily on an app or web site for information. "Pregnancy apps are good to supplement what you're learning from your prenatal provider," explains Michelle Jordan, midwife and Salisbury University Nursing Professor. "But they should never be in place of prenatal care."

Jordan says there are some apps that do offer some interesting new features for ladies nearing their due dates. "Assess their symptoms when it comes to their laboring process. Those are pretty nice for moms to use when they're trying to figure out how far apart their contractions are, and when they might want to call their provider because they think they're in labor."

Another feature experts say can be valuable are Kick Counters. Most pregnancy apps have them and help moms in the final trimester monitor fetal movement.

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