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Inside Pregnancy

WMDT's Emily Lampa delves into the world of pregnancy in a special series. She sits down with several expecting mothers to look at what they are facing in their lives. Catch the special report Sundays, Tuesday and Thursdays in February.

You can see some of the past stories below.

Local Woman Survives Ovarian Cancer While Pregnant - Part 2


OCEAN PINES, Md. - Brooks Buchanan is a healthy one year-old. And it's hard to believe more than a year ago he was sharing his mother's womb with a massive tumor. And despite all the cancer treatment,

Local Woman Survives Ovarian Cancer While Pregnant - Part 1


OCEAN PINES, Md. - The Buchanans look just like any happy family. But their story about how baby makes three is far from ordinary. It's an unbelievable survival story, which started in October 2011. "Very,

Free Breast Pumps Through Affordable Healthcare


WMDT 47 NEWS - In an effort to make breastfeeding easier for moms and babies, the Affordable Care Act now requires insurance providers to provide breast pumps and lactation services as part of their coverage.

New Moms Breastfeeding - Not Sticking With It


WMDT 47 NEWS - Pediatricians and other health care providers have been saying it for years, breastfeeding is best for baby. And recent numbers show new moms are listening. The Centers for Disease Control's

Child Safety Seats & Vehicles - Incompatible?


WMDT 47 NEWS - From cribs to strollers, it's important to stay on top of the latest models and recalls. But some shocking statistics show even if you buy the most up to date car seat model, many are installed

Unraveling The Controversy Over Swaddling Babies


WMDT 47 NEWS - To swaddle, or not to swaddle. Swaddling is an age-old practice of bundling up newborns. But it's now also the focus of a fairly recent debate among pediatricians, child care providers,

Pregnancy Apps - How Much Should You Rely On Them?


WMDT 47 NEWS - In this technological age, many turn to the internet and our gadgets to answer the many questions we have...especially when it comes to our health. And if you're a pregnant woman, you

Top 3 Ways To Avoid Annoying A Pregnant Woman


WMDT 47 NEWS - During the month of February, WMDT's Senior Anchor, Emily Lampa, will debut a series of special reports on Pregnancy and Parenting. Emily is now pregnant with her second child and is due

Pregnant Women - Not Getting Enough Exercise


WMDT 47 NEWS - Labor is called labor for a reason. Giving birth to a baby is serious work. And staying fit prior to the big day can make all the difference leading up to, and during, delivery. But even

New Pregnancy Tests Estimate How Pregnant You Are


WMDT 47 NEWS - If you've ever been pregnant, or tried getting pregnant, you probably spent a good amount of money purchasing home pregnancy tests. A new pregnancy test, made by ClearBlue easy, appears

Risks Of Selling Positive Home Pregnancy Tests Online


WMDT 47 NEWS - Raising children is not cheap. But what some pregnant women are doing to make a quick buck is raising some eyebrows. They're selling their positive home pregnancy tests online, on sites

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