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Top 3 Ways To Avoid Annoying A Pregnant Woman

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WMDT 47 NEWS - During the month of February, WMDT's Senior Anchor, Emily Lampa, will debut a series of special reports on Pregnancy and Parenting. Emily is now pregnant with her second child and is due the first week of March!

These stories, which will air Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, will not just help WMDT viewers count down until the big day, but outline some big issues affecting expecting moms all over Delmarva.

In the first of these special reports some real moms share with WMDT their pregnancy experiences in an effort to explain what they believe are the "Top 3 Ways" to avoid annoying a pregnant woman.

#1: Don't touch a pregnant woman's tummy without permission.

This was an issue which recently made headlines in the state of Pennsylvania where a law now forbids it. "It was one of my big concerns," admits expectant mom, Michelle Trimper, "but it never did happen to me." "I just gauge the creepiness," adds Ashton Donoway, who is expecting her second child. "If you seem kind of creepy there's no reason you should be touching me. But if you seem like we might have been friends, then I guess it's okay. I don't know it's really weird."

#2: Never comment an expectant mother's size or weight.

"Oh, wow, you're ready to pop!" Ashton recalls one person saying to her in her first pregnancy. "Well thanks, a lot! That made me feel great. "I just try to be understanding, but the hormones don't always allow you to do that. And you can always just blame it on the hormones." "I did have people ask me how much weight I gained and how much more was I going to gain," admits Michelle. "And it's not something that I would want to share, and I still don't want to share. You didn't know how much I weighed before, and you won't when we're done," she adds with a laugh.

#3: Don't give too much unsolicited advice or opinions.

"Sometimes you need the moral support," Michelle tells WMDT. "And other times you just need some space to figure things out on your own and you don't need all that extra advice, cause you just want to have the time to figure it out yourself."

If you agree with this list, or have experiences you think should have been this list, you can leave your comments on Emily Lampa's Twitter or Facebook page. This series of special reports continue on topics from car seats to breast feeding, and even an amazing story of beating cancer while pregnant.

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