"City Block Walk" To Main Office, Security Upgrades Soon?

FELTON, Del. - Lake Forest East Elementary, a small school with very little foot traffic.

Principal Susan Piavis says there's between 40-50 visitors a day buzzed in. But once inside, those visitors have a long walk from the front door to the main office to check in. 

"It's probably a turn and a city block to get to the office," said Piavis.

A clear security concern, says Piavis, especially with inadequate video surveillance.

"Occasionally, we'll have folks that know where they are going, go into a classroom and they'll bypass the office and then we just don't know where they've gone," said Piavis.

Lake Forest East is not the only school with this problem in the area. Last May at Lake Forest North, 33-year-old man allegedly walked in with a parent. But instead of checking in at the office, he went straight to the bathroom where he was found with eight bags of heroin inside his pocket.

Since then,superintendent Dr. Dan Curry says security improvements at all six area schools have been a top priority. In the next year, a $7.7 million improvements project will be up for a vote from local taxpayers.

"We all have to take very seriously the responsibility for the care of people's children," said Curry. "It is paramount, it's always on our mind and we can always make some improvements."

The school district is still deciding when it will put their improvement project to vote, but Curry says it could written up for November's ballot.

The project calls for safety improvements to several schools both also additions to the high school's sports stadium. If approved, the additions at Lake Forest East are expected to cost $670,000 with hopes to complete the additions by 2017.

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