Look Out For Potholes

DELAWARE - A reminder to all drivers to be on the lookout for potholes, which can seriously damage your vehicle. DelDOT officials say they've been receiving an increased amount of reports throughout the region.

We're told this is largely because of the significant temperature changes we've had over the past few weeks.
With temps going from eight degrees to sixty within a couple days, it wreaks havoc on the expansion and contraction process in the pavement, which causes cracks and eventually develops into potholes.

"This is further exacerbated when the moisture from the rain and snow that we've been having actually into the cracks, further deteriorating the pavement - only making the potholes larger," DelDOT Spokesperson Bob King said.

If you see a pothole, report it. You can fill out a form through DelDOT's web site, you can call DelDot's public relation's office or contact the traffic management center to notify them about the problem.

The public relation's office number is 302-760-2080

The Traffic Management Center's number is 302-659-4600.

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