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Dressing Warm For The Deep Freeze

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DELMARVA - We won't be seeing temperatures quite as frigid as those in the Midwest, but as parts of Delmarva dip into the single digits, expect record lows.

Apparently tomorrow we could see some of the coldest temperatures on record. 

The obvious solution to staying warm is to stay indoors, but for everyone from the kids at the bus stop, to folks working outdoors, that might not be an option.

With hypothermia and frostbite a possibility in what are expected to be single digit temperatures, you're definitely going to want to  bundle up.

From the mid-sixties Monday morning, to the single digits overnight, temperatures are expected to take a nose dive that some people aren't quite ready for.

"I can't even imagine it," says Shirley Gargeu from Salisbury.

Well, Shirley, you won't have to imagine! 

If you're forced to brave the cold, what's the best way to stay warm?

Emma Miller from Salisbury hast he right idea "many layers."

According to the Wicomico County Health Department, the low temperatures can not only be uncomfortable, but in the most extreme cases can pose health risks.

"When you're exposed to prolonged periods of time...very cold...particularly if you're exposed to a medium that can't conduct the heat well, your temperature can drop dramatically," says Dr. James Cockey, Physician Deputy Health Officer for the Wicomico County Health Department.

Rory Payne from the Salisbury Bike Shop helps outfit cyclists in all types of weather, and gave us a rundown on things the average person should put on before stepping out into the cold.

First up: the clothing closest to your skin.  "You don't really want to put cotton on your bottom layer," says Payne.

That's because cotton will actually absorb moisture, which can make you colder.
Rory says "your second layer, you want to be just a little fluffier, a little more bulk to it so, you can move around the air inside you after that first layer."

And on top, a warm, weather resistant coat to block the wind and any rain.
That won't matter for Shirley who says "I will not be going out tomorrow."
But, if you do, these same tips apply for your feet, too.

If you're interested in keeping your tootsies toasty on the cheap, try this trick.  Trace your feet on aluminum foil, and use it to line your shoes as an insulator.

It's not hi-tech, and isn't he ideal solution, but we're told it works.

Another tip, opt for mittens instead of gloves.  Apparently they keep your fingers warmer because they stay in contact with one another.

With temperatures yo-yoing as they have, what impact, if any, can it have on people's health.

As flu season picks up across Delmarva, WMDT spoke with an emergency room doctor at PRMC for an expert opinion.

"There has been some recent research I was reading an article this weekend...actually a drop in your temperature, if you go outside into the cold can actually make your immune system less effective...way down the list in reasons that people get sick.  The biggest thing is coming in contact with sick people," says Dr. Michael Murphy.

Medical professionals suggest you stick with those tried and true prevention tips.  Wash your hands, try to stay away from sick people, and get a humidifier to stop your nasal passages from drying out and keeping your immune system up.

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