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Rap Video Alarms Community, Chief "Can't Arrest Out Of Problem"

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SALISBURY, Md. - Haunting images of firearms and threatening lyrics by Salisbury rap group, also known as Doverdale Entertainment.

Among those lyrics from the song "Jungle," 'we hear you got that work, we kickin' in the front door' rapped by one of DDE's members.

All are now involved in a multi-agency investigation led by Salisbury Police.

"It's not producing a healthy community," said Salisbury police chief Barbara Duncan.

The case against the eight men seen in this video and a dozen others started last spring after minor assaults, narcotic sales and vehicle thefts in the Doverdale community. Then, Duncan and state's attorney Matt Maciarello say they walked the streets of the troubled neighborhood to speak with family members of these young men, whose ages range from late teens to mid-20s.

Their fear, according to Duncan, that these low-level crimes and anti-social behavior, depicted in the music video, would lead to lives spent tangled in the justice system.
"It becomes very frustrating to know that you, now you, meaning these individuals, have made a steeper climb for themselves," said Duncan.

"[Chief Duncan, myself and the whole community needs to] work with these kids to change their mindset because right now, it's way off course," said Maciarello.

It's a problem they thought subsided, but now this video.

"DDE the hood and everybody strapped," raps DDE. "We need everybody to get low, don't make a sound don't move yo."

Youvonda Hatney, a resident of Doverdale tells WMDT that "you want to turn off all your lights at night, you know, if you are in the living room watching TV and make your kids lay flat down on the floor because you don't know if a bullet is gonna come through your house."

"Jungle" was uploaded to YouTube on October 11th and features men pointing handguns at the camera, hand motions of firing pistols at the viewer and guns in the hands of boys not even 21, according to Maciarello and Duncan.

Some of the scenes in the video were shot at Thirsty's on Church Street, mere blocks away from their neighborhood. WMDT went inside to talk to owner Khalid Mahmod about the video.  Mahmod says he hasn't been at work for the past four weeks and knew nothing about it.

But described the video as "bad" after watching it.

"I'm gonna do something," said Mahmod. "It's not happening again."

Chief Duncan and Maciarello want parents not only in this community, but around Salisbury to talk to their kids before it becomes to late. They want to bring this video to the public's eye as a way of making it a talking point for community members.

But they weren't the only community leaders to watch the video.  Wicomico Co. NAACP president Mary Ashanti first saw the video Thursday afternoon after phone calls from WMDT, Duncan and Maciarello.

She watched the video a second time with WMDT with her first clenched, frustration and anger seen on her face and heard through her voice.

"You have people with weapons and talking about kicking doors in and killing people, they have to be removed from the street," said Ashanti. "There are good people in Doverdale who tried to help the community.

"They do not deserve to live in a community with the group that did that video."

"There's no easy quick fix solution to this," said Maciarello. "This is economic. This is sociological. This is educational. This is addictions."

"We know we can't arrest our way out of this problem," said Duncan.

At this time, Duncan would not release any names, but said investigators know of each member in the video and which of them have criminal records. She hopes this becomes a talking point, wanting the community to come together.

Also, Ashanti says she's in talks to host a turn guns in day to recover the weapons.

DDE has more videos released before "Jungle." View the full videos at your own discretion below:

"Bandz" by DDE

Dover Dale Ent

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