Salisbury Therapist Forfeits License, Pleads Guilty To Abuse


SALISBURY, Md. - Clarence Green will no longer work as a licensed therapist in Maryland.

He forfeited that right to avoid possible time behind bars. Instead, the 58-year-old man pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman this past February.
"[The victim] did not want to go through a trial, so the idea behind the second degree assault is it would give the defendant Mr. Green a conviction," Wicomico County assistant state's attorney Kristen Schultz said.

In April, when a patient Nicol Jolley alleged that Green had sexually assaulted her months before, his employer Three Lower Counties fired him.

In May, he was arrested.

On Wednesday, Wicomico County Circuit Court judge Kathleen Beckstead placed Green under probation, avoiding jail as long as he does not break the law in the next 24 months, according to Schultz.

Also, he won't have to register as a sex offender, a ruling made in part because he had no prior convictions, but also because the victim requested  that she didn't want Green in jail as long as he never worked as a therapist again, says Schultz.

A letter from Jolley to Green was read to the courtroom by Schultz and read in part, "Your inappropriate behavior has had a serious impact on my life. You used me and used my vulnerability against me. I hope I never see you again in life."

"Therapy was benefiting her and has benefited her for a long time," said Schultz. "She did like him as a therapist up until this breach of trust."

WMDT placed a call to TLC, but no one was available for comment. Green and his lawyer declined to comment.

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