City Of Salisbury & Mayor Sued By Former Employee


SALISBURY, Md. - A local city and its Mayor is apparently being sued by a former employee. Salisbury Mayor James Ireton, Jr., announced on Wednesday that The City of Salisbury is being sued by former Assistant City Administrator, Dr. Lore' Chambers, for $750,000. The former employee is seeking compensation after alleged physical and emotional abuse "at the hands" of the Mayor.

According to the complaint filed with the Circuit Court of Wicomico County, alleges that on July 12th, 2013; Mayor Ireton went into Dr. Chambers' office, to reprimand her for applying for the open City Administrator position. The complaint says Ireton verbally berated Dr. Chambers, physically blocked the door to her office, kicked a doorstop, slammed the door, and stopped her from making phone calls. She claims when she tried to remove herself from the situation, Ireton "physically stalked," "yelled" and "attempted to intimidate" her. Dr. Chambers is seeking damages for what she describes as pain, suffering, shame and humiliation.

Mayor Ireton released the following statement: "In our country today anyone can sue anybody, for any reason, at any time.  This personnel matter, which by law, details cannot be disclosed, has been referred to the City's insurance carrier - The Local Government Insurance Trust.  When the time arrives, the lawyers will be filing papers denying the allegations.  I have faith in our city charter, code, and employee handbook - all of which have been followed. I have faith in a judicial system that allows for both sides of the story to be heard. I assure taxpayers that any attempt to extort money from them will be met with fierce resistance based on facts. It will take a long time for both sides of this story to be heard.  I look forward to the day when the public and the media has both."  

Because the City is also named in this lawsuit, we reached out to Council president Jake Day, who tells WMDT that this suit is upsetting because the council has "no say in the hiring and firing" of employees. He went on to say, the Council is well briefed, and understand to a certain extent what happened on the day in question.

The entire complaint can be viewed here.

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