MD Del. Haynes Proposes $12.50 Minimum Wage

SALISBURY, Md. - Discussion over raising the minimum wage rages on. Del. Keith Haynes (D-44) says if it were up to him, workers would be making at least $12.50 an hour.

Haynes announced his plans on Friday saying workers across the state struggle on a daily basis to make ends meet.

This has sparked quite the debate amongst some Eastern Shore residents.

A business owner said to WMDT that "you get slapped with unemployment tax that has gone sky high. Income tax has gone up. Everything has gone up. To take money out of a business owner's pocket and you can't hire new people.

"[The $12.50] would just, it would be nuts. I mean, I couldn't do it. I'm laying people off now, and I just would be able to expand."

But Michael Uhlik disagrees and says that "regular paid-for-places don't have enough to survive or pay their bills or for their family, let alone buy clothes."

Haynes wasn't the only elected official calling for an increase. According to ABC affiliate WMAR,  attorney general Doug Gansler is calling for a minimum wage of $10 an hour within the next two years.

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