Student Loans Are Not Killing The Dream Of Entrepreneurship


SALISBURY, Md - While the national amount of student loans are increasing, many students will not stop pursuing their dreams of being a business owner.

"I know a lot of people that do have student loans and I know people that are already making payments on them while they're in school and it's pretty heavy," says Tim Higgins, an accounting major in Salisbury University.

The current national debt of student loans exceeds 1-trillion dollars and on average, recent graduates will walk out of college owing roughly $40,000 in loans. While some say that the way the economy is currently discourages people from becoming entrepreneurs, others say this gives them more motivation to become one.

"I'm worried about what I'm capable of doing when I'm setting myself up for entrepreneurship. It's a risky thing. I'm worried about our country and the value of money, but I don't think the economy should dictate whether you start a business or not. If you have the dream and ambition, go for it," says Management major Nick Simpson.

"For some students, it's actually compelling them to do something instead of working for 20 years and pay it slowly, they want to start their own business and pay it off in 5 years. So it depends on the personality and the exposure of entrepreneurship to the student," says Salisbury University professor Memo Diriker.


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