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DE State Police Continue To Investigate Gas Pump Skimming Device

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DELAWARE - Delaware State Police say they are still investigating a skimming device found within the fuel pumps at a New Castle gas station.

Police say they do not know how criminals are accessing the pump, but it does not appear they are not damaging it.

"They may have a key or some way of accessing it," says Corporal John Day with the Delaware State Police.

The Delaware Department of Weights and Measures, which checks about 9,000 gas pumps annually, say that some gas pumps have very generic keys, and somebody may notice that the key that they use on their personal lock box at home is the same key for the gas pump. Leon Gratkowski, supervisor for the Delaware Department of Weights and Measures, says once the criminals do gain access, the damage is done.

"If they can get behind that credit card reader, it will take all of 10 seconds to plug this device in, shut the door, and drive away."

Leon says with today's technology, the criminal can drive by with a laptop and read the information collected from the skimmer with a wifi system. Police say these cases are unusual for Delaware, but to be cautious, they recommend using cash when pumping gas, and if you have to use a card, to use it as credit not debit. They also recommend to simply pay inside the station.

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