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Worcester County Humane Society: Another Animal Shelter In Need

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WORCESTER CO., Md – Another local animal shelter, the Worcester County Humane Society, needs help. The society is a "no-kill" animal shelter, and they average about 50 dogs, and 150 cats, in a building that is not nearly big enough.

"They're just in such a small space," says Chrissy Hobbs, a volunteer at the humane society. "It's so many animals in one area."

Abby Morells, animal caretaker for the society, says the building is somewhat "falling apart."

"We need new kennels, our windows are cracked, so anytime it rains really hard, it floods."

However, keeping up with the building is the least of their worries. Morells says that dog food and vet bills are their main priority, and they do not come cheap.

"We have animals that come in here that have been hit by cars and need a whole new leg. We send that to Annapolis and that's a good $5,000."

To help with that, a few years ago, Beverly Sweitzer, a volunteer with the society, started an aluminum can collection in front of the building. The cans are collected for a scrap yard, and in exchange for one full trailer of cans, the society can make between $400 and $500. When Hobbs found out about the opportunity earlier this summer, she sent an e-mail to the town of Ocean City to get the word out. As an employee at BLU Crab House and Raw Bar, a restaurant that uses a lot of aluminum cans, she tries to do her part.

"Every night I longboard home with a bag of cans over my shoulder," says Hobbs. "So many people love animals and just don't know that they could be helping in a really small way."

While the cans are a great opportunity for fundraising, the task is not necessarily easy. Bob Pisano, a volunteer with the society, spends a large majority of his time going through the bags of cans, which often involves picking through a lot of trash.

"It's a profitable thing but it's a lot of work," says Pisano.

One of the biggest hardships for the society is that dedicated volunteers to help with these tasks are hard to come by.

"People come in and they think they're going to get to pet the dogs and play with the kittens," says Pisano. "It isn't that simple, it's a lot of work."

"We just want people to come in and be serious about it," says Morells. "A lot of times people will come in for a week and leave."

Some of the daily tasks include cleaning the pens, feeding the animals, and bringing medication to certain animals. Pisano says they do not even have someone to answer the phones.

"It's a full time job, and we just don't have enough people."

Employees say among donations and adoptions, their main need is help. However, even if many people are unable to do this, there is something everyone can do, and that is recycle.

"Everyone should work together and save their cans to help the animals," says Hobbs.

To learn more, or get in touch with the society about how you can help, visit their Facebook page.

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