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Bargain Hunting Booms In Rehoboth Beach

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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - With many people still struggling from the recession, thrift stores have been seeing a boost in business for a few years now.

And with the song "Thrift Shop" topping charts for six straight weeks, it looks like the bargain hunting is here to stay.

Whether you're looking for books, furniture, or discount threads like Sage, who says "it's nice to come to a thrift store and find things nicer things for the same price or less," since the recession hit in the late 2000s, more people have been thrift shopping  to get to get more bang for their buck.

Paulette Rappa, owner of Unfinished Business, a thrift store in Rehoboth Beach says "the statistics bear out, that of the population that came down Route 1 last year, 16 percent were thrift shop shoppers."

Which is perfect for the circuit of seven thrift shops lining Coastal Highway.

Unfinished Business, the newest member of the group, opening little more than a month ago, even hands out a map of all the shops in the area.

"Those who love thrift shop and embrace the thrift shop way of life love to thrift shop hop," says Paulette.

Kim Krzanowski was thrift shop hopping with her friends in that day.

"She said there's all these thrift stores. And we've sort of been on the circuit," says Kim.

Kim, a professional personal thrift shopper, does more than just thrift shop for herself, "but I yet to teach other people how to find great deals by looking through racks and being creative with what they already have." 

Focused on more than just making a profit, Unfinished Business plans to donate 85 percent of its annual proceeds to at least one local non-profit each year.  This year, the proceeds are going to LGBT Community Center, CAMP Rehoboth. 

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