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OC's First Raw-Vegan Restaurant Aims Change Views On Food

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OCEAN CITY, Md. - Try losing ten pounds in just one week. Doctors may say that's dangerous, but Janet Phillips did it on a raw-vegan diet. That means no more meat and dairy products, no processed foods, and nothing is cooked - everything is eaten completely raw.  

"It's incredible what can happen when you change your diet. When you cook food it kills the enzymes, you're literally killing the life of the food. Your body has to be able to produce enzymes to digest the food, and that's a lot of work for your body," she said.

She's seen the diet do wonders for people with debilitating diseases and says since she's made the change, she's never felt better.

"I find myself skipping. My energy has just skyrocketed. It's not just physical. It's an emotional and spiritual awakening as well."

So she's on a mission to help revolutionize the way we view food with her brand new raw-vegan restaurant, "My Nature" in Ocean City.

"The reason for my store was to show people what is possible - that you can eat the best food on the planet and it can taste great. The purpose of this place is not so much about the food, it's about educating people," Phillips said.

It may seem hard to make the transition from burgers and fries to raw-vegan, but customers say it's not only delicious, but gives them a big boost in energy.  

"I feel like my skin is better. I feel lighter, and I just feel great," Kara Styles said.

If you're worried that the diet is too expensive, Phillips claims it's actually pretty cheap.

"It's going to cost you a lot less because you're a lot less hungry. I eat about two meals a day now and I'm never really even that hungry because I'm getting all the nutrition I need," she said.

Take the Wild Green Smoothie for example - it's jam-packed with nutrients.

"Wild greens are far more nutritious than anything you can buy in a grocery store, and they'll grow for us in our backyards for free! I have grandchildren, and we've made a mess of this world. There's no denying it. For me, my every waking moment is for them and to clean up the mess we've made. I'm happy to do it. I'm loving what I'm doing and I feel great everyday knowing that I'm making a change," Phillips said.

For $25 you can go on a plant walk - a one hour tour in which you identify and learn about the benefits of wild green plants. It also includes a wild green sandwich and drink. For $28, you can attend a raw un-cooking demo workshop which includes a meal.

For more information call 410-289-1808 or visit their Facebook page.

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