Del. House Approves Final Budget Bill

DOVER, Del.  - The state House has approved $44.7 million in grants to nonprofit organizations, community groups and volunteer fire companies.
House members voted unanimously Sunday for the bill, which was sent to the Senate for approval before legislators adjourned for year.
The grants bill includes $9.1 million for emergency medical services and paramedic program operations, $8 million for senior centers and adults with physical disabilities, and $6.1 million for volunteer fire companies. It also includes $5.1 million for neighborhood and community services, $3.8 million for family and youth services, and $1.5 million for arts, historical, cultural and tourism programs.
The grants bill is the third and smallest of Delaware's budget bills.
Lawmakers last week approved a $3.7 billion operating budget and a $477.8 million capital budget for the fiscal year starting Monday.

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