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Little Girl's Struggle Inspires Community, Unites Family

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BLOXOM, Va. - Karen Barnes's granddaughter is only six weeks old, but it's six weeks longer than doctors said she would live.

"Kinsley's special," Barnes said. "She's our little miracle baby. She's a fighter."

At about 7 months in utero, Kinsley's doctors gave her parents the dismal prognosis. She was born with hydrocephalus - a build up of excess fluid throughout the brain. She also has a cleft nose and a host of other illnesses.

"We were prepared for the worst," Barnes said. "But my son wouldn't give up. He just kept saying ‘she's gonna make it.'"

With a will that seemed as strong as her father's faith, Kinsley defied all odds and made it through the first 24 hours. She then had surgery to relieve pressure on her brain, and she's already had a second procedure.

Karen says she'll need many more, including one to help little Kinsley breathe.  

"They have to open her skull to give her a nasal passage way," Barnes said.

The bills are adding up for the Barnes family, but through the power of social networking, Lindsay Fuller heard about Karen and organized a fundraiser to help a family she didn't even know.

"I had never seen her," Fuller said. "I didn't even know who she was when she came through the door."

But, she was following the story on Facebook, and knew there was something she could do to help.

"I kinda decided that the more I put the name out there, and the more I put the story out there … if nothing else and nobody came here today, her story was out and more prayers were sent," Fuller said.

But the community did show up and raised $2,500 for Kinsley, who's in West Virginia near Ruby Memorial where she goes for treatment and observation.

"I do believe that God gave her to us for a reason," Barnes said. "And that reason is to bring our family together.  And she's done that."

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