DE Honor Guards March On For Fallen Soldiers

[image] Atwood Timmons

MILLSBORO, Del. - For nearly 30 years, the eight veterans making up the District 4 Honor Guards march on through rain, sleet and snow to honor their fallen servicemen at the Millsboro Veterans Cemetery. 

"Since the late [1980's], I've only missed [a funeral] five times," said Atwood Timmons Sr., co-captain of the honor guards. 

The men are on stand by until funeral homes calls them to preside over a fallen soldier's burial. The honor guards don't ask for money, just a chance to honor their fellow veterans. 

"We always had the other man's back in the service," said co-captain Jack Ward.

Once the call is made, co-captains Timmons and Ward lead their brothers into duty, projecting their voice for a military salute and sanctifying the memorial with a three-volley salute.

"[I do this because] they're my comrades, [my] best friends," said U.S. Army Sgt. Charles McGuire.

"Our veterans should have the honor given to them, because it's the last things that would be done for them," said Timmons. 

Timmons served during World War II says he's lucky just to be alongside his military brothers. During the war, the plane the 89-year-old was supposed to be on went down. He marches on to honor his past and present military members who died serving their country.      

"I don't really know how much longer I'll be here to do it and be able to do it," said Timmons. "[I'll remember that serving as an honor guard is] one of my favorite pastimes."

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