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Credit Card Fraud A Growing Problem, Protecting Your Identity

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SALISBURY, Md. - It's so easy to just swipe a card whenever we buy something, but our dependence on plastic puts us at greater risk for credit card fraud.

No one wants to be a victim, but authorities in Wicomico County say this type of fraud is pretty common.

"It seems we get these kinds of reports at least once a day," Lieutenant Tim Robinson of the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office said.

So does that signature strip protect you at all? And how often do cashiers actually ask you for ID? WMDT put some local stores to the test. We went around to six different stores and only two cashiers actually asked for identification. Some admit they rarely check, especially if they're busy.

"While it's not a law that the retailer has to ask for ID to verify the credit card holder's information, there are many stores that do make it their policy to ask for ID," Lieutenant Robinson said.

"Generally our policy is to check IDs with any credit card purchase," cashier Derek Smith said.

To best protect yourself, be conscious of where your credit cards are at all times, don't carry any pins, passwords or social security numbers with you, never give any credit card numbers or personal information to anyone over the phone and simply check your statements on a regular basis.

Don't hesitate to report any suspicious activity on your accounts. Police say if you find you are a victim of credit card theft, contact your credit card company and local law enforcement as soon as possible.

If someone calls you asking for your credit card information because you just "won something," more likely than not, it's probably a scam!

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