Falling Gas Prices Could Lead To Falling Prius Sales

WMDT 47 NEWS - Gas prices have been decreasing recently, and while you may be loving the drop, automaker Toyota is not.

Officials with U.S. Toyota North America say they had hoped to sell 250,000 Prius Hybrids this year, but say the goal may be endangered because of falling fuel prices. Locally, Pohanka in Salisbury says they've been meeting their numbers.

"It isn't just what the price is at the pump, but when gas approaches $4 a gallon and goes over $4 a gallon that's when you see a spike in hybrid prices," said Rob Creel, Sales Manager at Pohanka Toyota.

When gas prices are low, Pohanka officials say that's when consumers are looking for deals. Once the price at the pump jumps again, those deals often end.

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