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Third Friday Goes Comic Con

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SALISBURY, Md - Third Friday kicked off it's event with an added twist.

The monthly event held a comic-con themed celebration and many residents of Salisbury dressed up for the part. From a family dressed as Green Lantern to people wearing Superman capes, many were excited about the event.

"I'm really excited. I am a really huge superhero fan. I read comics all the time. Being a part of this program is really great and being a part of Third Friday is really cool. Meeting a lot of nice people. It's pretty fun," says Jared Murphy, an artist from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore.

Some of the activities included a Superhero Scavenger Hunt as well as the chance to meet many comic book creators. The themed event was also a great way for many people to catch up with others.

"Anything that gets people to come out and be part of the community. We get so busy with our lives and everybody going to different directions. It's wonderful when we have anything that brings us together and superheroes obviously seem to be a pretty popular theme and way to do that," says Laura Mitchell, who was in a Green Lantern costume along with her family.

The idea came from Jamie Heater, Head Coordinator of Third Fridays. She and her friends were putting together a comic book and enjoyed it so much that they decided to make it a theme.

"With all the new movies, comics used to be for dorks but now they're cool. It's just a time and place where people can come together and celebrate what is uniquely ours and what is uniquely theirs and share it with people and I think that's always had a lot to do with comics. With the genre, it's a lot of sharing, it's a lot of embracing other people's ideas. So that's what we're about tonight and we just want to have a good time," says Heater.

People in attendance were asked who their favorite superhero was. Some chose the popular choice such as Batman, Storm, Spider-Man and Superman. Others chose lesser known heroes such as Plastic Man, The Sentry, and Aquabats.

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