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Overcoming That Sense Of Fear, After Monday's Attack

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SALISBURY, Md. - After devastating events like Monday's attack in Boston, some folks may be fearful or hesitant about going to public places.

Well WMDT sat down with a local psychologist, who explains how these feelings are normal. Experts say it's common to have safety concerns for you or your family, but staying away from crowded or public places altogether might not be a good idea. Dr. Leslie Donnelly tells WMDT it's best not to avoid what you fear.

"There's a lot of techniques to help people overcome fears of crowds: Systematic desensitization, where you expose yourself gradually and pair that along with relaxation," said Dr. Donnelly.

An example would be going to a public place close to home, before entering a larger more open crowd. Experts also recommend taking someone with you, which may help ease the tension.

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