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Brutality Or Effective Use Of Force?

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REHOBOTH BEACH, De. – A YouTube video of an arrest in Rehoboth Beach has sparked conversation about potential police brutality. The video shows Rehoboth Beach police officers as they attempt to arrest 34-year old Jeremy Anderson, of Harrisburg, PA. According to an employee at the Crosswinds Motel, Anderson approached the front desk and demanded a key to his girlfriend's room, however, he never gave a name, room number, or any other information necessary for a key to be given. It was at this point, according to a press release, that Anderson "became irate and started using extreme profanity towards the clerk."

Upon being asked to leave the property, Anderson left and returned, "Verbally abusing the clerk and spitting in the office."  The head housekeeper called the police.

One officer arrived and found Anderson sitting on a bench in front of the motel. According to police reports, the officer approached him for questioning, when Anderson directed profanity at the officer while walking away. Anderson made a "threatening gesture" towards the officer who tried to arrest him, and continued to resist as backup officers arrived.

It was around this time that the video started. Anderson continues the profanity as he becomes entangled with the officers. The footage shows an officer, identified as Corporal Robert "Tyler" Whitman, using a Taser gun on Anderson and then kicking him in the head. Anderson yells "Police brutality!" in the video as does the woman capturing the footage.

On April 11th, Anderson pleaded guilty to one count of Resisting Arrest with Force Causing Injury to an Officer, a class G felony, one count of Offensive Touching of a Law Enforcement Officer, a class A misdemeanor, and one count of Menacing, also a misdemeanor. 

The Rehoboth Beach Police Department are investigating "the force used to restrain Anderson in order to place him in a patrol car." The investigation is being conducting by a third party, The Dover Police Department Internal Affairs Division in an effort to remain impartial.

Corporal Whitman was suspended for ten days in 2009 without pay after a court issued a Protection From Abuse Order, which prohibited his having a firearm. Police Chief Keith Banks reinstated Whitman after the order expired.



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