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Divided The Two Mayoral Candidates Stand

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SALISBURY, Md. - A highly anticipated debate is less than an hour away. Two men vying for Mayor of Salisbury, both have plans to revitalize the downtown area.

Some are calling it a showdown, but others say it's just politics. In one corner is businessmen and local blogger Joe Albero. The other corner is incumbent Mayor Jim Ireton.

WMDT sat down with both mayoral candidates, to talk about hot button issues. First up, is Downtown revitalization.

"Parking meters must go, we have to invite people downtown," said Albero.

Ireton says the meters help pay employees and future projects associated with them. But has his own plan to move the city forward.

"We're ready to see some cranes downtown. That's what people want. They want the downtown to grow, we need to make it a little easier for businesses. That's what my plans have been, that's what I've been waiting to do," said Ireton.

Next up, was making the city more business friendly. Albero says nixing the "Lockout Ordinance" is a must.

"Two mishaps can shut them down for good. It's amazing big brother just keeps getting bigger right here in Salisbury and I won't tolerate it," said Albero.

Ireton says action needs to be taken against constant violators.

"If we keep having to go to the same places over and over again, that's not a good use of taxpayer dollars, whether or not it's a business or a residence," said Ireton.

We talked to Albero about his seemingly controversial blog.

"That is a line of business I got into because there were so many others that needed a place to voice, without retaliation from the city," said Albero.

We also asked him about Ireton's website, Joealbero.com. A graphic photo of a game, found on Albero's blog then reposted on Ireton's page, depicts the alleged joyful killing of immigrants crossing the border. Ireton refers to it as racism, but Joe says that's not true.

Albero says he never posted it, saying "we've been hacked numerous times over the years."

"Ask him why, if they were hacked, the day after he didn't take it down," questioned Ireton.

"Once we found out, it was immediately pulled off the site," said Albero.

 Tuesday night will be the last official chance to see the candidates for mayor and city council go head-to-head before election day, which is next Tuesday, April 2nd. The debate gets started at 7 p.m., at Salisbury University's Guerrieri University Center.

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