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Salisbury Dealership Meteor Video Goes Viral

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SALISBURY, Md. - From Salisbury to D.C. and all across the north east, eyes were glued to the stars as the sky lit up for a brief moment with a meteoroid.

Some viewers, like SusanLyn Krone went to Facebook to talk about what she saw.

"Glad to see someone got video of it, but it was so beautiful in person," posted Krone. "It was actually green."

Laurie Ann Buchholz, a Seaford, Del. resident, commented that she saw the meteor and "it looked like a firework fizzling out"

Though some reports said it may have touched down around Delmar, we know the meteor came and went at 8 PM all because of a video from a Salisbury car dealership.

"It was such a unique experience that amazingly enough got caught on camera," said Tom Hopkins, Hopkins Automotive Group owner.

Hopkins says he was outside of his store talking with a friend when he saw a bright white light. Thinking it was a meteor, he went inside and told his wife, Danielle. Wanting proof, she checked the dealership's security cameras and sure enough, there it was.

"It was amazing that it actually made it to the video, because the cameras, you can see them are actually shooting to the ground," said Hopkins.

Their Facebook page exploded overnight.

"Once it went viral, it just went all across the world and I had no idea it was going to blow up like it did."

After 250,000 video views and more than 1,300 Facebook shares, Hopkins says his phone has been ringing off the hook from news outlets.  He adds that they haven't even had time to talk to family or friends.

Who knew a falling rock could land this small town business on the map.

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center posted an update to their Facebook page from NASA Meteor scientist Bill Cooke.

"Last night [March 22] at around 8 PM Eastern Daylight Time, a boulder size (~1 yard in diameter) meteoroid entered the atmosphere above Pennsylvania and moved SE, passing just south of New York City," said Cooke.

"It went dark over the Atlantic Ocean and may have produced meteorites which dropped harmlessly into the water below."

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