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Praying For An End To The Accomack Arsons

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ACCOMACK CO., Va. - The nearly constant cases of arsons raging through Accomack County have taken their toll.  On the buildings, on the firefighters, and on the families of those battling the blazes night after night.

Cindy Marshall's son is a volunteer firefighter with Tasley Volunteer Fire Company.  At just 18 years old, she says he's practically sleeping at the station with the other firefighters, just waiting for the call that will most likely come. 

"It makes me angry though, to know that he's rushing to these calls when it's...'another arson' she says.  Despite Cindy's anger and fear, knowing her son is not only doing what he loves, but is also helping to protect his community makes "a little easier I guess, but it's still tough."

After 71 arsons in Accomack County, the community held a prayer vigil, at Nandua High School in Onley, Virginia, seeking help from a higher power to put an end to what seems like senseless destruction.

Gina Crockett of Onancock says "In the very beginning, I figured you know, they'd get over it and it would keep going, and going.  I'm just thankful these pastors got everyone together to pray."

The languages may have been different, with prayers ringing out in both English and Spanish, but the message was the same.

Burning with passion, Cindy Marshall asks that those setting the fires "stop, just please, please stop.  Before somebody gets hurt."


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