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Friends and Family Hope To Honor Child With "Lleyton's Law"

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DELMAR, De - The incident occurred four months ago but the wound is still fresh to the Slate family. Friends are now trying to honor Lleyton Slate by attempting to make sure this never happens again.

With the proposal of "Lleyton's Law."

"I have seen the devastation up close on what's happened to Tiffany and Bruce's family and its a horrible loss. And I felt like it was important to take what the community was saying to Tiffany about what they felt should change in the future. In order to protect our kids and our families. Long term and I felt it was important to take something so tragic and to try to turn it around as a way of not only honoring Lleyton, but looking out for our kids in the future," says Heather Brooks, a friend of Tiffany.

Lleyton's Law would deny bail to anybody who is charged with vehicular homicide with a child involved.

"Number 1: a little boy died. And his life should not have been take in vain. Something should be done to make a change in the future. So that this never happens again," says Brooks.

Originally, the idea was to change vehicular homicide to a first degree murder felony, but senator Robert Venables doesn't believe that is a possibility.

"I think that first degree murder is basically premeditated. And I don't think in this particular case, as I understand it that there was any premeditation. There was certainly a lot of negligence. And when I think about second degree murder, that doesn't hardly fit it either. But the charges I understand  vehicular homicide. And that's pretty serious for the part that it could be manslaughter, which could be 10 years. I believe with the suffering that this woman must feel, be it killing a kid, that that's probably sufficient. I know that murders we had yesterday up at the courthouse, I don't think fall in the same line as the basic response to killing a kid by accident when she was drinking. I don't know what we need to do to stop this. But I don't believe life in prison, which first degree murder would probably entail is the answer and believe me I know how it feels. That's the worst hit you can feel,"

With this information, Heather believes she can adjust Lleyton's Law so it would likely be passed when introduced:

"Lleyton's Law" would consist of 2 parts:

1st: Create a law requiring suspected drunk drivers to take a mandatory blood test.  The law would require that everyone who holds a license currently or acquires a new license would be required to consent to blood testing if suspected of DUI.  (helping to determine right away if someone is guilty of DUI)

2nd: Holding anyone who kills a child while under the influence without bail until trial, preventing them from injuring anyone while waiting for their trial.

The family is still dealing with medical expenses at this time and also plans to create a Memorial scholarship. Donations can be made to the Lleyton Slate Memorial fund at any Farmers Bank branch.

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