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Crisfield Braves The Storm/Feels Safe Post Sandy

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CRISFIELD, Md. - When it comes to preparing for a big storm, Carolyn Marquis says it all comes down to two things "preparing for the worst and hoping for the least."  The least amount of damage, that is.

With some minor modifications like taking down this sign to keep it from blowing away, The Blue Crab Garden Cafe in Crisfield will stay open through the storm.  Despite being empty this day, Carolyn says it's a place for locals to find shelter and share information.  "Because we are an Internet cafe, we're big on social media and using that as a form of communication," says Marquis.

The streets may be quiet, but folks in Crisfield have been busy stocking up, and not just picking up eggs and milk, but also medicine.  Shaa Yaya, pharmacist at the Crisfield Pharmacy says people were coming in to pick up prescriptions Tuesday, and early Wednesday, they were getting slightly different requests.  "We got a lot of calls for deliveries because seniors didn't want to pick up their medication in this weather."  And that's exactly what Steve Marshall, Director of Emergency Services for Somerset County, wants everyone to do.

"We just caution residents to not go out unless they have to.  I'm more worried about the winds and power outages at this point in time.  Hopefully we'll make out ok with the flooding," says Marshall.

But whatever this storm brings -- residents say they're ready.  "After going through sandy, I really think that this is a piece of cake," confesses Marquis.

The Blue Crab Garden Cafe in Crisfield is hosting a series of fundraisers in order to raise money to rebuild the beach in Crisfield.  For details, visit their Facebook page.
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