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Local "Love Doctor" Weighs in on Sex, Money & Kids

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SALISBURY, Md. - Sex, money and kids - three touchy subjects that often lead to some big fights. 

So let's talk about sex - guys, do you feel deprived? Ladies, do you feel used? Experts weigh in. "Men feel loved and cared for when they're intimate, whereas for a woman, they need to feel good about the relationship - they need to feel like the relationship is going well before they have sex," clinical psychologist Dr. Leslie Donnelly said. 

And what about money? "Money, I think in our society represents power, and so it becomes a power struggle. What are we going to spend this money on, who is spending more money, what are we doing, what are we buying? This house, this car - there's just a lot of arguing over finances," Dr. Donnelly said. 

And then there's the kids. "A lot of times you see men wanting to be fathers, and the wives say 'well, don't do that and don't be mean and don't be so harsh,' and I think the wives should appreciate that the men are in there trying and involved and paying attention to their children. And they shouldn't put them down in front of their children," Dr. Donnelly said. 

The solution? Dr. Donnelly says it's about making compromises, putting down your pride and staying positive. "For every negative, you want to have five positives," she said. 

For more relationship advice from Dr. Donnelly, call 410-742-7160. 


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