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Does Sex Really Burn A Lot Of Calories? Experts Weigh In

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WMDT 47 News - Does sex really burn a lot of calories and is skipping breakfast really a bad thing? New research says these common obesity myths are taking away from real solutions to the nation's weight problems. 

The Associated Press released a report from the New England Journal of Medicine that says sex actually does not burn a lot of calories. According to health experts, sex lasts 6 minutes on average and burns a mere 21 calories. 

Skipping breakfast is really not a bad thing - studies have found no effect on weight. "When you go to sleep at night, your cortisone levels are at their peak, which is going to be burning fat. So when you wake up first thing in the morning, if you eat a meal, especially if you eat carbs, that's going to stop that process," personal trainer at Powerhouse Gym in Salisbury Chris Peirce said. 

The study also found that the belief that school gym classes make a big difference in kids' weight is actually fiction. Classes typically aren't long, or intense enough to make much of a difference. 

So what are experts trying to prove? They say these myths actually take away from real solutions to weight loss.

"There's definitely a lot of myths out there, and people are always looking for the next secret diet pill or the next big fad that's coming out saying it's easy to do, when the real simple solution is to eat clean healthy foods," Peirce said. 


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