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Governor O'Malley Delivers State Of The State Address

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. - In his 7th State of the State address, Governor Martin O'Malley took his time to recognize accomplishments made in the state. 

He spoke to advancements made in areas such as innovation and entrepreneurship, spending cuts and education. "For not one, not two, not three, not four, but five years in a row, the number one ranked best public school system in the United states of America," he said.  

He then addressed the state's top priority in this year's budget - job creation. "While we are recovering jobs faster than any other state in our region, still too many moms and dads are out of work and searching for work," he said. 

Moving forward with Atlantic off-shore wind was also an important topic on his agenda. "We will create jobs and we will generate abundant, clean, renewable energy, but only if we choose. Let's get this done," he said. 

Then he went right into those hot button issues everyone's talking about - "I ask you to ban the sale of military-style assault weapons in Maryland. I ask you to require a license for the purchase of all handguns - but not hunting rifles. The death penalty is expensive and it doesn't not work. It is time to repeal the death penalty in Maryland and replace it with life without parole," he said.

Those issues got mixed reactions from delegates, and they didn't sit too well with Senators Richard Colburn and Jim Mathias. "I am looking to protect your second amendment freedoms with regards to guns. I support the death penalty, and I continue to," Senator Mathias said. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people. How can you say the death penalty is not working when you haven't used it in 6 years?" Senator Colburn said. 

In closing, the governor addressed the issue of climate change and the need to take action to create a carbon constrained world. He also left the delegates with this message: "do we believe the challenges facing our state and our country are things that are happening "to us," or things that are happening "for us?" If we believe they are happening to us, then we are victims. If we believe they are happening for us, then every problem is a means to deeper understanding, to greater growth, to more security, and more opportunity." 

For a full copy of the governor's speech, click here


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