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Getting Yourself Ready For The Cold Weather

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WMDT 47 NEWS - It feels like winter is finally here, and since we're getting our first taste of it, some of us may have forgotten exactly what to do to prepare.  Here are some ways to winterize your life.

When it comes to your car, scheduled maintenance will help prepare you for every season.  Make sure your antifreeze is full and the car's battery is healthy.  Also, some people use their windshield wipers as ice scrapers, but think again before trying that next time.

Ron Mayr from Grease Monkeys in Salisbury says "people come in and their wiper blades are tattered after a really cold snap because they're trying to use their wiper blades to scrape their windshield."  With the temperature changing so quickly, checking the air pressure in your tires is more important than ever.

According to Mayr, "when you get a drastic temperature change, you're going to lose, for every 10 degrees you drop from a comfortable 70 degree temperature or so, you're going to lose at least 1 lb of air to your tires."

When it comes to the home, Delmarva Power recommends setting the thermostat at 68 degrees during the day and 60 at night.  You can save 3 percent on your bill for each degree you go below 70.

Also, close the blinds and shut your windows.  You might be surprised at how much a little crack in the window can cool off a room and bump up your bill!


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