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Rehoboth Boutique Owner Giving Away Store

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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - It's a late Christmas present as a Rehoboth Beach boutique owner decides to take her building off its foundation and donate it to a local organization.

"It's going to be a shame if it does come to tearing the building down," said Kate Chambers.

Kate Chambers and her sister own Jane & Georgie, an upscale women's boutique in Rehoboth Beach. In need of a change, she's giving away her building.

Yes, you heard that right, the whole building and putting a new one on the property.

"[The city] suggested donating the building, which is an idea we really love the idea of giving back to the community," said Chambers. "I personally love the building and didn't want to see it torn down.

Thanks to the city's suggestion, the Coalition for West Rehoboth, Inc. may be getting a new structure, which Chambers says could possibly be turned into housing or a thrift store.

As they prepare to lift the old building off the foundation and bring in a new one, the Chambers are running into a problem. Their building is one-and-a-half stories tall, which they say will cost them $10,000 just to donate.

"Unfortunately, the power lines [and] utility lines have to be removed in order to move the building from it's current location to the new location," said Chambers.

She tells WMDT that she's in a time crunch. Her new shop will be finished and delivered in two weeks. At that time, if the finances aren't work out, her donation will turn into a demolition.

The new Jane & Georgie building is being built off-site and will be done within the next couple of weeks.

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