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Laurel Man Severely Burned In Freak Accident

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LAUREL, Del. - The shocking story of a birthday party disaster. A sudden explosion leaves a Laurel man with second degree burns, and now he and his family are turning to the community for help.

 September 29th was supposed to be a day of celebration for Mike James and his daughter, but he never thought it would end like this.

"I turned around and they told me my face and shirt was on fire," said Mike.

"The kids were starting to run and were screaming, I mean hysterically. I thought for a second, 'Did one of the kids get burnt,'" recalled his wife, Carol.

Mike says he lit bonfires in their backyard all the time, and that the kids loved roasting marshmallows in them. This time was no different, except one thing.

"As it got going it started making a funny noise. It was almost like a train whistle," he said.

Somehow a can of spray paint was buried in the brush, which they believe sparked the explosion that left Mike with 2nd degree burns.

"People couldn't believe how good I looked in just four days, but we decided to go with a more aggressive treatment so I could get home," said Mike.

Mike says doctors told him he had two options: let the burns heal on their own and then do treatment, or start it right away. He says they told him they could use something similar to a brillo pad to scrape the scar tissue off his face.

However, because Mike suffered nerve damage in his face, he says it wasn't too painful. The difficult part he says is seeing what the bills will look life once they come in. His wife Carol says their health insurance won't likely cover all the expenses.

"We're playing catch up on bills and just making our bills, then let alone the medical bills on top of that," she said. @

Back in June, we're told Mike broke his ankle and was out of work for 10 weeks. He just returned to work a few weeks before this happened.

Now this Laurel family needs all the help they can get. Friends have set up a Facebook page called "Help The James Family". They're planning to hold a bake sale soon to raise money for their medical bills.

For now, if the community would like to make a donation, an account is set up at the Bank Of Delmarva in Laurel. We'll continue to update you on this family's progress.

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