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Maryland Puts New Laws In Effect

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MARYLAND - There are more than 250 new laws taking effect in Maryland, covering everything from car safety seats to social networking accounts.  Here are a few to be aware of.

The 65 pound weight exemption has been removed from the child safety seat requirements.  Now, all children must be in an appropriate child safety seat unless they have reached the height of 4' 9" before their 8th birthday.

When a driver approaches a non-functioning traffic control signal from any direction, they must stop at a clearly marked stop line before entering any crosswalk, or before entering the intersection.  After stopping, the driver must yield to any vehicle or pedestrian in the intersection.  Violators will be fined $90 and 2 points if the offense doesn't result in an accident, and $130 and 3 points if it does contribute to a crash.

Scooter and mopeds need to be insured like other vehicles.  Also, scooter drivers need to have either a valid drivers license or a scooter/moped license.  All riders are also required to wear helmets and eye protection while on the vehicles.  Offenders could find themselves with a maximum $500 fine.

Wicomico County is now allowed to run criminal background checks on current and fu true government employees and volunteers.  There have been, in the past, sex offenders hired to work in county schools, so this bill will keep this from happening.

Gambling in "fantasy" teams, like fantasy football, is now legal in the state of Maryland.

Prospective Ocean City taxi drivers will also now have to undergo a background check.

Marylanders who are forced to leave their job as a way to escape the threat of domestic violence can now get unemployment insurance benefits.

It's illegal to use sperm or eggs from a deceased donor unless permission was given prior to death.

Maryland has banned employers from asking current and potential employees for usernames and passwords to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  This law does not prohibit employers from looking up your public social networking and other web history.

Prisoners won't have to pay child support while they're incarcerated.

Any person convicted of a federal offense or a violent crime in any state cannot possess a firearm in Maryland.

Phylicia's Law says that state officials will be required to post lists of missing children and annual statistics.

This isn't a full list so visit for more information.

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