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PART ONE: Dunning Family Still Serving Their Sooupers, One Year Later

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LEWES, Del. - Now to an update on a Delaware family, whose hearts are still bigger than their new home. In part one of this two part series, WMDT checks in with the Dunning family to see how things are going after Extreme Makeover served their home on a silver platter, for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Just one year ago, a simple knock on the door changed everything for one Delaware family. Extreme makeover transformed the Dunning's home into a beautiful ranch, and their Jusst Sooup kitchen they've been feeding the homeless and hungry out of, was completely rebuilt from the ground up just feet from the comforts of home.

"We could have never bought something like this it's wonderful and were truly grateful," said Dale Dunning, founder of Jusst Sooup.

However, there was a roadblock. The county denied them access to use the property to feed those in need. So it sits untouched, spotless even, not how a busy kitchen should look.

"I can't prepare food here and serve so it makes it very difficult to keep bringing everything back and forth and back and forth," said Dale.

Just this past July, the Dunnings started serving breakfast too. So it's not just pots and ladles they're lugging, it's griddles and frying pans as well.

"It's really sad to be here in this place, as you can see it, when she has this beautiful kitchen to work out of," said Louis Carter, long-time friend and volunteer at Jusst Sooup.

Despite the daily struggle, the Dunnings keep their doors and hearts open, and do it with a smile on their face.

"I know someday the Lord's got a plan for this building and I'm jut waiting to see what happens," said Dale's husband, Ken Dunning.

On Tuesday night at 6, we'll tell you just what that plan may be, in part two of this series. Plus, we'll take you inside their home once again, and show you where they find some calm from their hectic lives.

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