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Del Riccos Share Details From The Crash - Part 3

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BALTIMORE, Md. - In the final part of our 3 part series on Baby Ava, the Del Ricco family shares with WMDT's Emily Lampa the details from that devastating day back in December, and how they 're preparing for the upcoming trial of the man believed responsible for the crash.

"Before the accident happened, we were decorating for Christmas," explains Annmarie Del Ricco, Ava's mother. "It was a week or so before Christmas. Ava was really excited, this was her first full Christmas. The morning of the accident, I had to run into the post office to get stamps for our Christmas card.

"It was Ava and my outing for the day, so I vaguely remember, I dressed her in her cute little riding boots and this red pea coat, and she was so excited, she would run to the door and say, 'me, me, out, out.

"Last event that I remember, Ava and I were in the post office. And Ava grabbed a snowman from the display and ran over to me and said, 'Mama, man, man, snowman.' And we were bending down looking at the snowman. And I just remember waking up with oxygen on and all these doctors."

Annmarie admits she doesn't remember leaving the post office on December 16th. But she soon found out a car, driven by 48-year-old Andre Kaczynski of Ocean Pines, reportedly plowed into the back of the Del Ricco's car on coastal highway, with little Ava in the back seat.

Annmarie tells WMDT she suffered a severe concussion, which she attributes to her short term memory loss. But Annmarie also came extremely close to losing her life that day in December.

The carotid artery in her neck had been severed, which supplies vital blood and oxygen to the brain. But she doesn't dwell on her own injuries, she says this of her memories from that day, "I'm just so thankful that I carry around the joyful event prior to that...that I had with Ava."

George, Ava's father, was in Baltimore, MD on business when he got the terrible phone call. Through tears he explains the pain he shares with his wife, but he confesses support from family, friends, and even the many strangers all over the country helps so much, "Some days, we're not, doing our best. To know that we're getting a lot of prayers if we need help, that they're out there to help us and they have." Annmarie agrees, "It's nice to know we have a support group out there."

Since the day of the accident, tens of thousands have rallied to support this family. Fundraiser after fundraiser, gifts and cards, the Del Riccos say they're grateful for it all. "There's no words to express our thanks and love for them," George tells WMDT.

And now more than ever, the family needs the support. Just this past week, the Del Riccos traveled to Snow Hill, MD with Ava for Kaczynski's criminal motions hearing in Worcester County Circuit Court, where his lawyers attempted to persuade the judge to throw out key evidence in the case. The judge denied all motions.

"This event…we're a part of the event," says Annmarie when we asked her why it was so important to be in court that day. "We needed to be there, and it was tough.

"I made a glance, but never though twice to look over again," Annmarie describes seeing Kaczynski in court. "I didn't want to take that into my memory of healing, but I knew it was an important part to be there and participate."

From doctor's visits, to Kaczynski's upcoming criminal trial which starts in August, the Del Ricco's know things will get more difficult before they get easier. "It was a very sad moment," adds Annmarie. "This is a very sad place that I am in, in my life, and I think it helps build closure."

But the family knows the focus is on Ava, right now. And for thousands on the internet, following this little girl's every move as she continues to beat the odds, her recovery is an inspiration.

"We were concerned if Ava's personality would change," confesses Annmarie, with a small tearful smile on her face. "but she seems to have the same joyful spirit and personality."

This weekend in Ocean City, Team Ava hosts a huge Ava Del Ricco Charity fundraiser. Dozens of businesses have signed on to assist in this citywide event to benefit the Del Ricco family.

Click here for information on the Del Ricco Benefit fund.

Click here for the Candles For Baby Ava facebook page that has the details on events this weekend.

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