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Are You Ready For Some Action?

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Salisbury, MD. Are you ready for some action???? You can become part of the "Jamie Oliver Food Revolution" with these four easy steps:

1) Go to  Scroll down and click on "Sign the Petition" in one of the blocks on the right side of the page. Then click on "Jamie's Food Revolution" and fill in your name and e-mail. They will find you through your Facebook account or e-mail address and send you updates on how the "Revolution" is proceeding. You are now on your way to being an activist.....again!

2) Involve a child by having him/her help you shop and prepare a healthy meal that you can enjoy together. Even better, show a child where food really comes from. Even if you're not a veggie gardener, you can buy a packet of "quick and easy" seeds such as carrots, radishes, lettuce, spinach or kale and plant them in a large pot or in an empty space in the flower bed. If you are already a gardener, set aside a small section of your garden and introduce a child to the magic of a garden of his or her very own. There are so many miniatures these days: child size gardening gloves and tools, sun hats, small buckets and miniature fast maturing veggies. It can be a veritable treasure hunt for just the right product. Take pictures!! You are starting a fabulous journey that you will want to remember and talk about for years to come.

3) Make a personal pledge to gradually start making lifestyle and eating changes that will help you and your family become healthier. Start small with one little thing and mark it on your fitness calendar. Perhaps it's a ten minute walk when you get home. Whatever it is, be sure you try to do it every day. When you feel that it has is becoming a habit, add something else. Keep making those little changes and noting them on your calendar and, before you know it, you'll be on your way to a healthier you and a healthier family.

4) Toss out that drawer full of sugar laden dessert recipes that you've been collecting and start collecting good-for-you recipes. If you're having a little difficulty getting yourself and your pantry on the right track, the Gardening Grannies suggest you get off your rockers and into your local bookstore and thumb through Alice Waters' cookbook titled "In the Green Kitchen". You might remember Alice. She is a chef, author, proprietor of Chez Panisse and the woman instrumental in getting the organic veggie garden into the White House lawn. Her book will help you get the basics right and the rest will become amazingly easy!

The Gardening Grannies are a group of avid and Master Gardeners who live, love and garden on the Delmarva Peninsula. They can be reached at

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