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The Jamie Oliver Phenomenon

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Salisbury, MD. At the moment, Tuesday nights at 8PM on WMDT ABC 47 is "appointment viewing" for the Gardening Grannies: It's "Jamie Oliver Food Revolution" time!

If you're not familiar with the "Jamie Oliver Food Revolution", let us try to bring you up to speed. Jamie Oliver is a British Chef Extraordinaire who specializes in preparing simple but tasty dishes from healthy, fresh ingredients. He recognizes that the way to improve the eating habits of a nation is to start with the children, so he works with school districts. We Americans are so very lucky that he chose to bring his energies and healthy eating philosophies to our great (albeit, somewhat overweight) country. In his first season, he worked with the schools in Huntington, W VA, one of the unhealthiest cities in the US. The Gardening Grannies hope that he or ABC News returns to Huntington to do a follow up with the families we watched struggle to change their eating habits. We want to see how they are doing. This season, he is doing battle with the LA School system whose basic attitude thus far is one of denial and resistance….even going so far as to threaten arrest should he set foot in the cafeteria! The Gardening Grannies are making book as to what the school district is afraid he will find out about how they feed the kids.

 The Gardening Grannies wish they could tell you that, if you missed tonight's episode, just go to and click on the ABC video player BUT…'s not there! ABC has "Desperate Housewives", "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and "Brothers and Sisters" available….and they are all fine programs but hardly the stuff which defines the health of our nation. "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" needs to be available on the ABC Video Player and the Gardening Grannies are preparing to launch a write-in campaign. The Grannies, children of the 50's and 60‘s, know how to do this protest stuff. They had, after the second round of red wine Tuesday night, even discussed the possibility of a "sit in" somewhere….if they could just figure out where to sit in! Nonetheless, if you would like to see the "Jamie Oliver Food Revolution" available to folks who may have missed the original airings, just go to and, at the bottom of the home page, there is a place to send your comments to the network.

Jamie Oliver also has a couple of pretty terrific cookbooks available out there, but the oh-so- frugal Gardening Grannies prefer to take the freebie recipes off the various websites. They suggest you go directly to and check out the availabilities there. When you run through those recipes, by all means support Jamie and buy one or more of his cookbooks.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you why the Gardening Grannies believe in the Jamie Oliver philosophy of healthy eating so much.

The Gardening Grannies are a group of avid and Master Gardeners who live, love and garden on Delmarva. They can be reached at

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