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A Horticultural Mania Quiz

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Salisbury, MD. One of the Gardening Grannies shared this and, unfortunately, it is without identification of the oh-so-clever author. If I knew who the author is, l would be glad to credit him/her publicly. I hope you enjoy article this as much as we did.

"During the summer swelter, toss in the trowel, sip a lemonade, and try this quiz. Are you a horticultural high-achiever or one of the gardening-impaired? Check off the following statements that are true for you. Give yourself three bonus points if you had to remove your gardening gloves before starting.

You know you are a hard-core gardener if: 1

1)  Your bumper sticker reads: "I brake for worms", "I'd rather be weeding", or "Have you hugged your cactus today"?

2) You photograph your flowers more often than your family or friends.

3)You'd rather cut the grass than vacuum the carpet.

4)You draw more garden plans than floor plans.

5)You're disappointed to learn that you can't order vegetable seeds from L.L. Bean. 

6) After a terrific out-of-town vacation, you still regret missing the peonies in bloom.

7)  You would turn down a job transfer to a city with a shorter growing season.

8)  You rank "The Secret Garden" above "Citizen Kane".

9)  You'd choose a fish pond over a swimming pool.

10)  You'd prefer a leaf shredder to a food processor. You'd rather water your garden than wash your car. 

11)  Your hedge-clipper blades are sharper than your kitchen knives.

12)  You say "garden soil", never "dirt".

13)  You deadhead flowers in other people's gardens.

14)  When Playing soccer, you check for crab grass.

15)  You enjoy rain, but go ballistic over hail.

16)  You garden in the rain and only stop when it thunders.

17)  After a thunderstorm, you check for tree damage before basement flooding.

18)  After a snowstorm, you brush off ornamental trees before shoveling the walk.

19)  You can state your Hardiness Zone faster than your zip code.

20) A greenhouse is higher on your wish list than a hot tub. 

21)  You sport trowel earrings or a wheelbarrow belt buckle.

22)  You actually appreciate cow manure as a birthday present.

23)  You dream of compost.

24)  You buy beer for slugs.

How you scored: Under 5: No headaches for you if there's a frost.  5-10: You spend more time in the hammock than in the humus. 11-20: You know which end of a corm is up. Over 20: You need some horticultural withdrawal. Time to close the garden gate."

The Gardening Grannies are a group of mature and Master Gardeners who live, love and garden on the Delmarva Peninsula. You can reach us at gardeninggrannies@wmdt.com.

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