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The International Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

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Salisbury, MD. The International Philadelphia Flower Show was absolutely spectacular this year. In the event you weren't able to attend, following are what some of the Gardening Grannies found to be highlights.

To move back a step, one of the non-flowering highlights for the Gardening Grannies was lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, located right across the street from the Convention Center. Before going into the show, the Grannies dined on authentic Philly cheesesteaks as only Spataros can make them. Yum….and definitely worth the wait. The weather was delightful on Friday and they opted for some of the street-side tables to enjoy their Market treats.

Moving on to The International Philadelphia Flower Show, "Springtime in Paris", this year's theme, was carried through magnificently by all the major exhibitors. Sometimes the theme was obvious, as with the arrangement of tin cans used as a shadow foil for a shadow exhibit of a can-can dancer. Cleverly done, surrounded by flowers, it was guaranteed to elicit a smile.

Some displays were less obvious in their connection to the theme and, quite frankly, we're still trying to figure a few of them out.

Ireland (2 displays) and the Netherlands were among those who helped to seal in that "international" flavor. Beautifully done and made you want to go out and update your passport!

The horticultural displays were amazing with their incredible perfection of blooms. The Grannies all jotted down botanical names of winning species to try their gardening skills on this year.

Of the non-floral displays, the nicest had to be Smith & Hawkins, maker of high quality gardening tools and lawn furniture. Imagine how surprised the Grannies were to learn that Target had bought out the company, closed all their stores (we thought we had just been missing them) and now offer the Smith & Hawkins line through their Target outlets and their on-line store. That's something we should all check out in the very near future.

There were design displays, food vendors, educational displays and lectures and vendors, vendors and more vendors! The nearly 200 vendors offered everything from seeds to lawn ornaments, with tons of show discounts on the more expensive items. It's a darned good thing that the Gardening Grannies went up on a Holloway bus because they needed every inch of the available cargo space to get their loot back to Salisbury.

Flower shows….no matter where they are…..or how big they are….tease you with the promise of Spring and a new gardening season. They rejuvenate the soul and provide energy for those worn out by the frigid winter. They offer promise and hope and a fresh start.

Gardening Grannies, a group of avid and Master Gardeners, live, love and garden on the Delmarva Peninsula. You can write to them at

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