Uber services now in Accomack County

Uber services now in Accomack County

ACCOMACK CO., Va. - One woman is working to get more drivers on Virginia's eastern shore to sign up to become Uber drivers.

The service was not offered in Accomack County until recently, and with limited public transportation in the rural area, that fact has travel in the county a challenge.

Terri Lynn Redmond, who led the way for Uber on eastern shore Virginia, says the service helps prevent drunk driving, and has so many other benefits.

But to make it a viable transportation option, drivers need to sign up.

"It's very rural, it's very spread apart, much like on eastern shore Maryland.  So if you don't have a car, you can't get to the grocery store, if you just moved here and you don't have any relatives here, or, there's just so many reasons why anyone would use it."

Anyone interested in driving for Uber on eastern shore Virginia can contact Terri Lynn through Facebook.

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