Made On Delmarva: Howl Naturale

Made On Delmarva: Howl Naturale

Chincoteague, Va. - Inge Veneziano, the owner of Howl Naturale, has been working her tail off crafting treats for all dogs to enjoy.

Although an animal lover herself, she had no intention of getting into the dog treat business. Veneziano was a nurse for serveral years, however she slowly began shifting gears after a friend asked her for a favor.

"She goes I need something for dogs in my shop. I made her some treats, and put them in a container, and they were selling really really well. So she goes you should make a name for this," says Veneziano

Veneziano eventually traded in her scrubs for an apron to fully unleash another talent.

With the help of her taste tester Stitch, she's rolled out all types of treats in all shapes and sizes.

Veneziano took 47 ABC to her kitchen where she bakes them all.

To make her peanut butter flavored treats, she uses milk, water, peanut butter, and whole wheat flour. One the dough is rolled out she takes uses cookie cutters to craft fun shapes. Veneziano puts an egg wash on the treats and bakes them for about half an hour.

Once they're cooled down, they're ready to hit the shelf or get munched on by hungry pups!

For mor information on Howl Naturale, you can contact them at 757-894-3126, or by e-mail: .

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