Cygnus cargo spacecraft on Antares rocket launches sending 7,400 pounds of supplies

Cygnus cargo spacecraft on Antares...

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. - The Cygnus cargo spacecraft on the Antares rocket blasting off from Wallops Island.

Its next stop is the International Space Station. 

It's the eighth resupply mission by Orbital ATK, one of NASA's chief suppliers. 

The six-man crew on the ISS expecting 7-thousand pounds of cargo and science experiments. 

But that spacecraft was almost a no go. The first attempt was scrubbed due to an aircraft appearing one minute out before launch. Even Sunday, NASA taking extra precaution.

Right before the original launch time at 7:14, boats were seen in the area, which pushed the launch time  to the end of their 5 minute window at 7:19. 

These aircrafts have specific time windows to launch in. It's carefully synchronized with the international space station. 

Orbital ATK's Director of Communication, Vicki Cox, says, "They have a particular route, particular orbit, so in this particular case it was a 5 minute launch window that we really had to hold to but went right to the end of it and it was fine.

We are told everything went as planned and the rocket separated at the right time.

Cygnus is now on its way to the international space station and will get there on Tuesday.

As for their next launch, they are hoping to send one by the first quarter of next year.

Orbital ATK says they are already putting things in place for the next spacecraft to head out. 

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