Charmed euthanized at Assateague National Seashore due to poor health

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va, - Officials say that a horse was euthanized at the Assateague Island National Seashore, last Friday, in Accomack County.

According to the Seashore, on Friday October 20, a visitor reported that a horse was down in the salt marsh area in the back country. Wildlife staff responded right away and identified the horse as N10T-J, also known as Charmed. When park staff arrived on site, the horse was still down and struggled to get back up on its feet.

The horse was very thin and seemed to be in significant pain when standing and trying to move. Given her reported poor body condition and limited mobility, park staff decided euthanasia would be the most humane course of action. There was no indication that Charmed's declining health was anything other than a natural occurrence.

The fact that the Assateague horses are managed as wildlife population is what makes them so interesting and special. The National Park Service says that they are committed to protecting the Assateague horses now and forever so they remain a treasured part of the Assateague experience.

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